Experience Virtual Reality

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Liaison Home Entertainment & Heroic Age Studios
Mt. Zion, IL

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Experience New Dimensions

Explore a new universe, challenge your gaming skills, battle enemies, or face your darkest fears as you are immersed into a new dimension - visually, physically and emotionally. 


Experience Fun

Bring your family, your friends, your colleagues. We offer a gaming library that includes archery, shooting, sporting, horror experiences, space adventures, and more! OR you can log into your own Steam account and create your own adventure.


Experience Virtual Reality

Wearing a headset and using stick-controllers to interact with a completely virtual 3D environment, we will instruct you through the usage of the equipment and assist as needed while you explore the virtual worlds of your choice.

VR for Everyone, Everywhere



Be it a birthday, graduation, anniversary, reunion, or any type of party - our eVR Experience provides a an exciting and memorable party environment.



Not only can we provide your business with a team building or employee after-hours experience, but our luxurious theater and party room are perfect for meetings, workshops, and seminars. 

Social Groups


If you are looking for a unique activity for your fraternal organization, church, school, social club, or youth or senior group, an eVR Experience is perfect for you!

Heroic Age Art Center

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(888) 279-1235 , ext. 10