Room Specs

Studio A

A beautiful vintage room with original hardwood floors. Enjoy freedom to move while you experience 2 HTC vive virtual reality units. With room for plenty of party goers to watch the action on multiple screens while they wait their turns. Arcade and Party Rates available. 

(Room Dimensions approximately 22’x34’)  

Theater Room Courtesy of Liaison Home Automation

Experience a 15-foot screen, 4K Picture, and Dolby Atmos 5 Pt Surround Sound in the Heroic Age Art Center’s Theater Room, courtesy of Liaison Home Automation. 

Luxurious seating for groups of up to 20 people. Enjoy a Movie Night from our licensed library, book a seminar or demo session, or hold a business meeting in an amazing executive level space. 

(Room Dimensions approximately 22’x34’)
Click here for a 3D Showcase of the theater.

Heroic Age Party and Teaching Room

 A teaching and party space with plenty of tables and chairs for making art, teaching lessons, or having a party with food and beverages. 

(Room Dimensions approximately 18’x24’.)